How to increase website speed?

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How to increase website speed?

How to increase website speed?

Is it taking too long for your website to load? A slow website not only bothers users, but also lowers your search engine ranks. Here are some suggestions to help you speed up your website:

1. Optimise images

Large images might dramatically slow down your website. Image optimisation involves compressing pictures without sacrificing quality. Use the next gen image format and consider slow loading images behind the fold.

2. Enable Browser Caching.

Browser caching keeps some of your website’s files on visitors’ devices. This implies that when a user returns to your site, the page loads faster since it does not have to request all of the files from the server.

3. Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

Minification eliminates unneeded spaces, comments, and characters from your code. This minimises file size, allowing them to load more quickly.

4. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

A CDN distributes copies of your website’s files across several server centres across the world. When a visitor accesses your website, the CDN provides the files from the nearest data centre, decreasing the distance the data must travel and speeding up the loading process.

5. Reduce server response time.

Slow server response times can have a substantial influence on website performance. To minimise server response time, use a reputable hosting provider, enable cache, and optimise your website’s code.

6. Enable Gzip compression.

Gzip compression reduce the amount of your website’s files, making them faster to load. Gzip compression is supported by most current web servers and browsers, therefore enabling it can dramatically enhance your website’s performance.

7. Use Lightweight Themes and Plugins.

Choose a lightweight theme and only include plugins that are required for your website’s operation. Too many plugins might slow down your website, so evaluate them on a regular basis and remove any that are no longer needed.

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