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By accessing and utilizing Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd’s website – www.innovtouch.com or by downloading details from innovtouch website or using any of the services we offer, the user fully and strictly agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the usage as mentioned below. In case you fail to agree with our terms and conditions of usage, you are advised not to use nor access innovtouch website or any of our services.

Use of The Site and our Services

Any reference you come across using the words, WE, US or OUR anywhere in the website pertains to only Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd, which operates the site, www.innovtouch.com

It is purely our whole discretion and right to modify our terms and conditions at any time, without giving any prior notice, after which our website shall be governed by the edited and new version. It is hence, the user’s duty to keep checking the website usage details at regular intervals so as to have a hassle free usage. Kindly note that the usage of innovtouch.com’s services is also subject to and controlled by the agreement subscribed to by the user, and the usage of the website is equally subject to the privacy policy notified from time to time on the website.

General Terms

Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd is a purely IT services company registered and based in Chennai in India and the entire project execution, design, development and SEO-SEM activities of all the assignments we undertake will be strictly placed at our development centre in Chennai. Our daily working hours are from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm on all working days from Monday to Friday. We also work on 1st and 3rd Saturday in a month. All Sundays we are closed. In addition to Sundays we shall also be closed on all major public holidays declared in India or in the state of Tamil Nadu, shall also be holidays for the company.

Use Of The Site

The user need not pay any charge for using or accessing the site, but is liable to pay the fee for the communications link used to visit our site.

Please be warned that the access to the site may be suspended or restricted or terminated or withdrawn at any given time. We do not guarantee that the site shall be error-free and are not to be held responsible for the unavailability at any given time of the same.

The contents mentioned in the pages of the website are only for general information. It is subject to change anytime that too without any prior notice or information.

Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd’s nor any third party are obliged in any way to provide for warranty or guarantee as to the correctness or timeliness or performance or completeness or suitability of any information regarding materials and details found or offered on the website for any particular purpose.

Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd is no way responsible for any inaccuracy, error, defect or fault related to the contents or information or details found or available on the website.

It is at the discretion of the user regarding use of any information or details or content made available on the website. Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd is not responsible for the above at any time.

It is totally the Owner’s onus to ensure that any product, service or information available in the website meets his requirements.

It is strictly punishable and a criminal offence as per the current applicable penal cyber laws for any unauthorized use of the website resulting in damages.

Links to other websites

Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd is in no way responsible for the privacy practices of other website which are linked to our website. We are no way accountable for any other websites that the user accesses using our website. It is the duty of the user to keep himself aware by reading the privacy policies or declarations of other websites which they visit using our website. The user has to address and it is his duty for any problem regarding external link to be brought to the notice of the website administrator of the concerned site.

Intellectual Property

Every design, content, text, graphics contained in our website is licensed to Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd only and we have full rights on it. Any and every content, in our website is fully protected by the International copyright laws and any other intellectual property rights in existence at any given point of time. Every logo and company names mentioned in our website are the trademarks, service marks or trading names of the respective owners, which is including us. No user accessing our website has any right to copy or modify or reproduce or republish or upload or post or transmit or share or distribute by any means or in any manner, any material or information on the website or downloaded from this website including but not limited to text, graphics, videos, messages, code and or software without any prior written consent and permission except where expressly allowed to do so.

We fully respect the intellectual property rights of others and if any one feels that their work has been copied in any way that deals with copyright infringement may please feel free to contact us by e-mail at admin@innovtouch.com

Advertising & Sponsorship

Our site may contain numerous advertising and sponsorship details and links. It is the moral duty and responsibility of the advertisers and sponsors for ensuring that the material submitted to us for carrying in our website totally complies with the International and National laws of cyber security. We cannot be held responsible for any error or inaccuracy in the advertising or sponsorship details as it is the onus of the advertiser or sponsor to take the necessary precaution and care.


We value and understand the importance of confidentiality in running of the user’s business successfully with the right planning and execution. We promise to not divulge or share or communicate with any other person except when it is required by the regulatory laws or any legal authority. Any confidential information regarding the business or day to day affairs of any our existing customers or our prospective customers or suppliers or any of our local and international distributors shall be kept highly confidential at all times.  We, shall to the best of our ability prevent the publication or disclosure of any confidential information or details concerning any matters.

Applicability Of Materials

We have ensured that our website complies with international laws in all respects. At the same time, we do not guarantee or are responsible that the materials available on our website are completely appropriate or available for use in all International locations. People visiting our website from locations other than India may do so at their own initiative and risk and are supposed to comply with all the applicable laws of their respective countries. If you access or browse or use any material or content or services of our website and in the process violate any law applicable in your country or jurisdiction, then you are strictly not authorized to even view or use our website and would be appreciated if you exit immediately from our website rather than we taking serious steps to deny access to your usage of our website.

Access To Password Protected Areas

Only authorised users with valid password is allowed access and use of specific areas of our website wherever password requirement clause is there in the website. The areas in our website where password requirement is there shall be regulated by a legal agreement between us and the user with clear guidelines of usage. Any unauthorized access will be strictly prosecuted and further usage shall be permanently barred.

User Information

We always encourage the users of our website to give us feedback to improve our website. Any feedback may be e-mailed to us at admin@innovtouch.com. The information received from the user towards feedback shall be non-confidential and we have the right to use such valuable information in any way deemed to be fit for usage. Considering this clause, we request the users not to send us information or suggestions which are defamatory, offensive, threatening, obscene, harassing, infringing or otherwise any unlawful material. We are in no way responsible or liable for any such unwanted or unhealthy content received and we reserve our full rights to delete it from our website without any warning or explanation to anyone. It is fully within our jurisdiction to decide what information we wish to share in our website.

Disabling Devices

We request our users to refrain from uploading or posting any content which contains viruses or other contaminating or destructive devices. We ensure to keep our website free of any viruses or devices or features and at the same time we give no warranty or guarantee to that effect and we do not accept any liability from our front, whatsoever for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by the user. We advise caution to the user while using our website on all fronts.

Governing Law

Any dispute arising by using this website are subject to the laws of Tamil Nadu state in India. Any legal action or proceedings arising out of violation of any terms and conditions shall be settled in the courts or tribunals in Tamil Nadu in India.

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy gives complete details on how Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd’s uses and protects any information shared with us when anyone uses our website, from any anywhere in India as well as other countries.

Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd, hence referred to as Innov Touch or WE or US is committed to ensuring that the privacy of our user is always protected by us. Any information we seek from the user to provide for identification purpose while using this website, shall be used judicially totally in accordance with our privacy policy of protecting the interests of our users.

Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd shall keep changing the policy framework from time to time by continuously updating the relevant page. We request the users to keep referring to it every time they use our website in the interest of all and to avoid unnecessary disputes.

Information We Collect

We collect the following information listed below whenever anyone subscribes to our email newsletter or fill in our inquiry form.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Mobile number
  • Alternate mobile number
  • Email address
  • Complete Contact information with full address with pincode
  • Educational Qualification
  • Work details
  • Any other information relevant to customer surveys or offers

The above information shared with us shall be strictly confidential

What We Do with This Information

We collect complete details about the user to understand the needs of the user and provide every user with the best services specially for the following reasons: –

  • Our Internal record keeping or for database.
  • To improve our services
  • To keep the user updated about our new products, special offers or any other information which may be of interest to the user. All this shall be sent through the email shared with us
  • We might also contact the user for market research purposes through mail or phone or email. The website shall be frequently customized as per the tastes of our users.



We strictly ensure that the information shared by the user with us is always secure. To prevent any unauthorised access or disclosure we have safeguarded the site with relevant physical, electronic and legal procedures to protect and secure all the information available with us of the users.

Cookies Policy:

Our website uses cookies

A cookie is basically a small file placed on the user’s computer hard drive with full consent. The cookies allow the web applications to remember the user and personalize his experience by remembering all the information shared by the user. The, website is designed in such a way that once the cookie policy is accepted it can customise its operations to meet the likes and needs of the user. It even has the facility to remember the dislikes of the user.

Google Analytics & Conversion Tracking

We use traffic log cookies from Google Analytics to identify which pages are being used and this is an essential part of monitoring and improving the electronic communications. It helps us to analyse various data about web page traffic so that we can improve our website as per the needs of customer usage. The non-identifiable aggregated traffic information is used only for statistical analysis purposes only. We also use conversion tracking to understand our user’s behaviour.

Session Cookies

Our website also uses essential session cookies for its operations

Google AdWords Cookies

We may also use cookies in Google Adwords which is used for remarketing. Google Adwords Cookies means we remember your visit to our website in order to provide you with advertising elsewhere on the Google Display Network.

Other Applications

If we fix Youtube Videos in our site, then watching any video will automatically generate a cookie in the user’s computer. In addition to Youtube we may also embed various other social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Rafflecopter. All these third parties will set a range of range of cookies in the user’s computer to remember their preferences.

How to Disable Cookies

The freedom to choose or accept cookies lies with the user. Most of the web browsers automatically accept cookies, but the user has every right and he can modify his browser settings to stop cookies being generated. However, this action from the user’s end will not enable him to take full advantage of the following search engines – Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. Disabling cookies may not allow the user to experience the website as a whole. Some functions may be affected.

Links to Other Websites

Our website contains links to various other websites of interest. However once the user has used these links to leave our site, the user should be aware that we do not have any control over other website he accesses. Hence we are in no way accountable for the protection and privacy of any information of the user while visiting such sites and those sites do not fall under our purview to govern their privacy policy. It is better that the user exercise maximum caution and check in detail the privacy policy of the other websites he may use.

Controlling Your Personal Information

Every user has full rights to choose to restrict the collection or use of his personal data in the following ways:

  • Always when the user is asked to fill a form on the website, it is better to look for a box that he can click to indicate that he does not want the sensitive information to be used by anybody for any direct or indirect marketing purposes.
  • The user has every right to revoke at any time the permission he had given for his personal information access for marketing purposes, by directly writing or sending an email to us at admin@innovtouch.com

Under no circumstance shall we sell, distribute or lease any personal information to third parties unless we have permission from the user or as required by law to do so.

In case the user allows us to use his personal information to send any promotional information about third parties which we may find interesting we shall do so, but at the risk of the user.

By payment of a small fee any user can request details of his personal information he has shared with us as per the legal provisions contained in the Data Protection Act, 1998. To get a physical copy of the user’s information available with us he can write to us at – admin@innovtouch.com.

It is the user’s duty to inform us by writing or sending an email at the earliest, at the above mentioned address if he feels any information shared with us by him is incorrect or incomplete. We shall promptly correct so as to have valid and authentic information of the user at any given point of time.

Refund policy

We have a very clear cut and robust refund policy, under which the various clauses and situations under which Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd shall provide a refund is mentioned. The process of claiming a refund and the responsibility of Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd in situations resulting in claims is also very properly laid out. While registering for any of our services itself the user is bound and accepts all the terms and conditions laid out for refund policy.

Every piece of information that we collect is utilized for improving our website’s content, including to notify the clients about our website updates or to resolve any problem quickly as per the user request. If the user does not wish to receive any email from us in the near future, then it is advised that they inform us in writing or through e-mail or letter.

Coverage & Scope
  • Our refund policy covers the refunds by Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd and /or a website owned and managed by Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd, which is a creative digital agency having its operations in India.
  • The refund policy is not applicable for companies which are not owned or controlled by Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd or for any persons employed or managed by Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd. The refund policy is also not available to any third party service and / or product providers bound by contract and also to any third-party websites to which Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd’s website is linked.
Filing a Complaint
  • At Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd, a creative digital agency in India, we take the onus to complete every project on time and ensure complete customer satisfaction. At the same time, we also expect the client also to be equally responsible from his end to help us deliver the project within the stipulated time frame. It would be appreciated if we, as well as the client takes every effort to resolve any issues which might crop up, to resolve amicably and close fully any dissatisfaction issues for services rendered.  It is our firm belief refund option should be a last resort and that too only if all other means to resolve fails completely.
  • Our work ethics believes in always arriving at a mutually acceptable solution for any disputes. If there is any dissatisfaction then, instead of rushing in for a refund claim we request the client to write to us as admin@innovtouch.com for one last chance to resolve and settle the differences.

Refund Policy:

Eligibility for refund

We at Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd a flourishing creative digital agency value all the projects we get irrespective of the monetary aspect of it. We handle the project with utmost care and high professionalism. We try our level best to provide the results exactly as per the terms and conditions of the proposal. In-spite of all this precautions, client is not satisfied and if disputes arise which are not settled mutually then we consider refund request as a last option.

Our Refund Policy

We adhere to a very strict refund policy and any client interacting with us has scope for only 2 options and they are, either Full Refund or No Refund, the details of which is clearly mentioned below.

Full Refund : Full Refund is done in cases where the project has not  been commenced or if the initial design style has not been approved. Full refund will be initiated after receiving the upfront payment date and will take 90 days to refund the full amount.

Various other factors where we give Full Refund could be elaborated as follows, that too only if we are convinced there is a genuine necessity. Scope for releasing full refund is almost nil as we always deliver exactly and on time as agreed upon.

  • Non-delivery – Where we fail to deliver the entire work as promised and agreed time.
  • Breach of Contract – If there is violation of all terms and conditions of the contract, resulting in full refund as agreed upon in the contract
  • Different Specifications – If specifications are not met as per agreed contract
  • Unapproved use of copyrights – if any copyrighted materials are used without seeking adequate permissions and licensing
  • Insufficient Testing – If after complete delivery bugs arise, in the absence of proper quality checking before delivery
  • Non-compliance of legal requirements – If any legal obligations are unmet as per agreed contract leading to complications
  • Non-adherence to branding guidelines – If the agreed upon branding guidelines are not followed leading to inconsistencies
  • Non-compliance with accessibility standards – If basic accessibility standards are not followed making it difficult for usage
  • Lack of training – If proper training is not provided for proper usage
  • Misrepresentation of expertise – if facts were regarding expertise or knowledge were misrepresented during initial discussions
  • Lack of Scalability – If future expansions or scalability are not possible, deviating from agreed clauses in agreement
  • Non-functioning of compulsory forms – If after delivery if the compulsory forms like contact or feedback mechanisms does not work as promised during delivery
  • Inadequate SEO options – Poor SEO implementation leading to poor search engine results and limited traffic
  • Incorrect content placement – If there is total deviation in placing content than what was agreed upon as per agreement
  • Incompatible Browsers – If there is incompatibility across different operating systems or devices
  • Security Vulnerabilities – Improper security flaws or vulnerabilities which might lead to data corruption or risk due to weak security measures


  • Substandard Design – The final design fails to meet the conditions laid down in the agreement during project discussion.
  • No refund: There shall be no or zero refund if the project has been fully completed and uploaded on the server on behalf of the client. Refund is also ruled out if the full payment has been done by the client, as it is an indirect way of confirming he has approved the delivered project.

If the below mentioned factors are met exactly as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement, then there is absolutely no scope to seek claim for any refund at all.


  • Contract is complied fully
  • All specifications were adhered
  • Timely resolution of issues
  • Proper licensing and material usage
  • Good testing with quality assurance
  • All legal requirements are completely adhered
  • Adhered to branding requirements
  • Good training
  • User-friendly interface
  • Good scalability
  • Effective SEO Implementation
  • Extremely well organized content
  • Strong security measures
  • Smooth navigation
  • Very high quality designs
  • Timely delivery as per agreement
  • Successful implementation of all agreed features
  • Very smooth navigation


Limitation of Liability

Liability of Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd is bound by the value of the chunk of the project (as agreed upon as per proposal) which shall remain incomplete at any given point of time. Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd is in no way obligated for losses due to the services provided or not provided or delay in project execution at any given point of time. The liability to refund shall become applicable or holds true only if the project has been cancelled by the client and such cancellation has been very clearly communicated to Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd in writing. We do not entertain verbal cancellations.

Processing of Refunds

In cases of full refund amount the refund shall be processed and mailed within 90 business working days from the date of cancellation and method of refund shall be the one agreed upon mutually at the beginning of the project. The refunds could be either in the form of Cheque or refund by credit card.


Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd at any given point of time without prior intimation, under our sole discretion has full rights to amend it policies from time to time. It is therefore requested for the users to be alert and keep checking the changes in policies at regular intervals. Usage of the website automatically implies, with no further scope for discussion that the frequent amendments have been referred to and fully accepted by the user.

Contacting us regarding our refund policy

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding our refund policies, you are welcome to e-mail us at admin@innovtouch.com

Besides all the above if the user still has any more additional unresolved questions, then please reach out to us at admin@innovtouch.com.