Real time web application

Real time Web Application

Hire the best Web application development company in Chennai


Real-time web applications are considered the real-time solutions for unique business problems. Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd’s web app development services include real time web application solutions that are sure to bring about a massive, positive change to your business.

What factors are critical in real time web applications that Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd specializes in?

Enhanced visual look – UI/UX

High speed and great performance

High security considerations


Why Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd is considered as the best real time web application developers?

Real time web application is different from mobile app development in that the business organization is expected to get separate apps developed for various platforms or develop a cross-platform app with limited functionality. Real time web apps cater to the specific needs of industries that involve real-time movement such as the stock market, news segment, chat messaging, and statistics. Timely response to triggers is crucial here. We at Innov Touch Technologies Pvt Ltd specialize in real time web application building.

We specialize in the following types of apps that employ real-time technologies:

Instant messaging/chat apps || Real-time multiplayer gaming apps || Location tracking apps || Real-time dashboards || Whiteboard animation apps
|| Apps that use VoIP || Collaboration apps

We have provided real-time web app development services to businesses belonging to several industries. Starting with consultation and designing, we cater to the needs of clients through real-time integration. We provide technical support and maintenance services as well.

We provide custom web app development solutions, ERP software development services, and billing software development services.

If you are looking for web app developers to take your business to the next level you are welcome to contact us.